Me Claiming my Prize!

Here is me claiming a prize from prizerebel, further showing you that this is NOT a scam. (Sign up for PrizeRebel here)

All the blacked out bits are just to keep my privacy, it’s nothing important really, it’s just the bookmark bar of my web browser and my e-mail, etc. Notice how My Lifetime Points read “9.10” but my current points icon shows “0.10”. This is because I have just claimed a prize worth 9 points.

This is my Prize Claim History page. Here it shows that I have just claimed a $10 Ultimate Game Card for 9 points. The current status is pending, which means I have to wait until they send me the code. If you have an “Account Level” of Silver or above, your prize will be automatically processed, and you will get the code straight away as long as there is stock. To earn a Silver Account Level, you must complete 50 or more offers. Sadly, I am still in the “Bronze Account Level” which is the most basic one. This means I will have to wait a few days.

Okay, so a few days later I come back. I see that my “Approved Prizes” icon has turned from 0 to 1. This means that my prize has been processed. There is a blue view button, now I can click on it, and it will show my code.

Okay, so here is my code. (Lol, don’t bother trying to use this code, I already used it in this testimonial) After you click the “View” button, this is what comes up. You can copy/paste the code from this.

So I go to the Nexon website and a paste the code into the form. Yeah, my e-mail is blacked out, just don’t want to post it in public.

Okay, so here it is, it worked! I hope this helps those who want to claim a prize and do not know how to. Again, if you do not have a PrizeRebel account, Sign Up for one now!


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